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Explore, Understand, and Adapt.

Feeling stuck? Want to get things sorted? Research supports the notion that therapy can be a powerful tool in finding a way through. 

If something doesn't feel right when you're driving, you might tinker with things for awhile before figuring them out--or, you could save the headache by going to a mechanic. If something didn't feel right physically, you might try all sorts of different things for awhile--or you'd go to a doctor. 

It's the same when things don't feel right in your life, your thoughts, or your feelings--whether this shows up in your relationships, your motivation, your general sense of wellbeing, your work, or any number of other potential ways. At SHIFT Psychology, we'll work with you to make sense of what feels off and find the way forward that is uniquely yours.  

SHIFT Pscyhological - Services Offered

Services Offered

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Individualized Therapy: Adolescents and Adults

We'll start where you're at and go from there, using a blend of several different evidence-based modalities and a treatment plan specialized just for you or your child. At SHIFT, we specialize in working with teenagers, emerging adults, and adults on a whole host of presenting problems.

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Education, Consulting, Speaking

With a diverse educational background including a PhD in Developmental Psychology and an M.A. in Education, we're also available to speak about, consult on, or provide critical information pertaining to lifespan development, parent/child relationships, attachment theory, positive psychology, romantic relationships, and more. 

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