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SHIFT Psychological is Different.

Based out of Orange County, CA, SHIFT Psychological is a small private therapy practice with a limited number of clients—by design, and as a way to ensure that each client gets as dedicated an experience as possible. We specialize in treating and managing depression and anxiety, with a special emphasis on men's issues. We approach each therapeutic relationship with deep respect for how difficult it can be to reach out, a tremendous awareness of how nuanced each person’s situation can be, and reverence for the therapeutic process as one that requires a shared vision and shared curiosity.

Calm Sea

About Dr. David Kyle Bond

SHIFT Psychological is led by Dr. David Kyle Bond, a licensed psychologist (PSY31794) specializing in the treatment of mood (depression, anxiety) and relationship issues. Dr. Bond completed a PhD in Positive Developmental Psychology, and was directly involved in research utilizing attachment theory as a basis for understanding emotional and relational experiences across the lifespan. Prior to attending graduate school for developmental psychology, Dr. Bond completed a bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University in Sociology and Psychology (with a minor in English), and taught at the intermediate level through Teach For America while completing a Master’s in Education at the University of Hawai’i. In addition to maintaining an active private practice, Dr. Bond also lectures at the University of California, Irvine in his spare time, and actively contributes to online publications and peer-reviewed journals on topics related to human development and relationships across the lifespan.

Through extensive training, Dr. Bond has worked with children, teenagers, and adults presenting with a vast array of presenting issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, parenting difficulties, and life transition issues.

If you choose to engage in therapy at SHIFT, we will meet with you, take the time to get to know you, and work with you in moving towards specific goals tailored directly to your needs and individual situation.

Take the first step.

It can be tough to start--we get it. Reach out, and let us meet you where you're at.


Thank you for reaching out. We won't leave you hanging, and we'll be in touch soon.

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